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So this is it. Let’s talk about games has run its course and the game is about to end soon. i hope you guys learned as much as i learned about gaming from spreading you guys some interesting articles and thoughts in the process.

i hope you all learn that gaming isn’t all about the solo competitiveness or the kills death ratios that you get but rather the people you share that with. Your friends, family or even friends that have never played consoles before! I hope this gives you a new perspective into what gaming can do in your life and i hope it does give you a better insight too.

So remember guys, JOIN UP. LEVEL UP.

And Eric signing out.

Ps. i’ll keep this blog up as long as it is needed so when people can still read some of it 🙂


Why Don’t Women Care About Esports?


Despite stubborn stereotypes about video games being an overwhelmingly male indulgence, women make up a significant chunk of the gaming public. Almost half, in fact, according to a 2013 report from the Entertainment Software Association. But what about esports specifically?

Games like StarCraft 2 and League of Legends have exploded in recent years thanks in part to the ascent of online services like Twitch that have helped turn all manners of gameplay into a spectator sport. And while it’s hard to find solid demographic data on the burgeoning community, the bits and pieces of information that can be found don’t paint a pretty picture.

First reported by The Daily Dot, the esports production company WellPlayed recently posted the results of a survey about its viewers on Team Liquid, a popular online hub for all things esports-related. The study was conducted over the course of 2013, and covered three major competitive events in StarCraft 2 and League of Legends. Of the 2,040 respondents, just 69 listed themselves as female (an additional 33 put themselves down as “other”).

Video Game Brains

Here’s another side of Gaming, you didn’t think about. Gaming for the brain. Great read Levelling Up In Life

Most of us have heard about the purported negative effects of playing video games; the the ‘gamer’ stereotype which is characterised by obesity, aggressiveness, addiction and social ineptitude is a popular social archetype. It is however important to recognise that a lot of these negative effects that the media loves to focus on tend to affect those who genuinely spend a disproportionate amount of their time in front of the screen. We all know that most things should be enjoyed in moderation, and gaming is no exception… but unfortunately the sunnier side of the gaming practice is often over-shadowed by the bitter bits, and that’s a shame.

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Fallout 4: It’s Nearly Here.

We are excited as you guys are! Seriously. Back to the wasteland? Doggy Companion? What more could we ask for? WE LOVE IT! Are you guys planning to get it the minute it comes out? We are definitely going to!


All aboard the hype train to Fallout 4 Station, arriving on the 10th of November! One of 2015’s biggest titles is upon us, and we thought it would be a good idea to keep up to date on what we’re looking forward to, and how this title builds on the critically acclaimed last instalment…

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Horror Games This Halloween

Do you feel like getting scared this halloween with your friends ? We at “Let’s Talk About Games” loves horror games (and scaring our friends). We compiled a nice recommendation list for you to try out this halloween!


Ok, So maybe Bloodborne isn’t the really scare-the-pants out of you type. But it is still creepy in every way.
what makes this worthy of the list? The enemy that you encounter are just down right terrifying. Seriously. oh and also the dying a lot part, that’s frustrating but thats what makes the game more fun doesn’t it?


Feel like getting the tingling feeling that something is watching you? or just want to watch your friends freak out at nothing? SOMA is the latest game from the creators of Amnesia! This dark dystopian future game puts the players in the controls of a character that has to escape from what seems to be an underground laboratory while discovering what it means to be human and what it means to be a robot.

Check out the trailer below here!


Like Teen-Horror flick? Like Slasher Films? Like mysterious stories? Like to have control over the story? Then UNTIL DAWN is the perfect game for you and your friends to play this halloween! Not only do you have a chance to write the story for the characters in the game but you get to decide their fate too!

Check out the trailer!


Maybe you are up for a zombie killing fest? and what better way to spend that time with your friends killing zombies while Parkouring. Guys, Parkouring. I don’t know how that is not a movie yet. But while it is still fresh.. grab Dying Light and have fun Killing zombies with your friends!

Check out the trailer below!


No weapons and just a camera with night vision. That is not too scary is it? Outlast is one of the deserving one in the list due to the nature of the game. This makes SOMA quite tamed compare to this game. I would recommend this game for you and your friends to wet your pants at night!

Check out the trailer below!


Want to feel like you are alone in space? Seriously. Best game i have played so far.. Horror wise. it’s slow and it’s meant to be slowly progressing to the point where when you let your guard down you are killed. Seriously this game makes me so paranoid, every where i look i jumped. even if it’s not meant to be scary.

Check it out!

We hope you enjoy the list! and we hope you take time to play this! We encourage you to play this with your friends tho! grab a popcorn, tuck in your safety blanket and game on!

So.. what game are you guys going to play this halloween?
write to us in the comment section below! 🙂


Xbox One Vs PS4 : The Console War


As we prepare to head into the holiday season, we ask ourselves: can Microsoft’s Xbox One possibly catch up to Sony’s uber-succesful PS4? At the beginning of this console generation, the two machines were unquestionably head-t0-head rivals: both companies drenched the media in advertisements, the blogs went wild, and one launched the week after the other in dueling blue and green. Things changed pretty quickly after that. The PS4 took off with unprecedented sales, leaving the Xbox One behind as Microsoft did several much-needed about faces and reconfigured the console to be something that would have a chance against Sony’s machine.

Flash forward to now, and Sony is sitting on an install base somewhere north of 25.3 million, and it outsold the Xbox One 2-1  last quarter. Going into the holiday season, Xbox One would appear to have all the advantages: it’s cheaper, it has more exclusives, and it’s already showing up with some aggressive bundles. But Sony has one single factor that may more important: momentum.

Question is.. the gaming community are very split apart about which one is winning the console race?

and Write down your opinion on which Console you guys use and which one holds a  better service that caters to your needs. 🙂

How do we make a better/ friendlier gaming community?


If the term is unknown to you, ‘Gaming Etiquette’ is the collective term for the unwritten social norms and rules that players follow within the world of video games, when interacting with others. Said etiquette exists to ensure that each player’s experience is easy-going and enjoyable. It is supposed to prevent people from playing in a way that is a detriment to others around them. It is supposed to be a guide for people to follow, simply to make playing with others more fun and less messy.

What gaming etiquette exists to do is, unfortunately, not always what it achieves. There are a few reasons why this is so, and these are usually caused by certain kinds of players. One such type is the newbie, the player who hasn’t been around long enough to have had time to adjust and learn the etiquette. Dave Cook from VG24/7’s own example of gaming etiquette that he experiences regularly “… as a big CoD fan is people on your team not stealing your care packages. You just don’t do it. But I think as the rules are unwritten then they can be broken by newcomers”.

What do you think some of the unspoken rule for players to learn when playing with the gaming community?

Remember You’re Playing with Real People

When you’re playing a game online, you’re not just playing with the computer anymore. You’re playing with real people! Some people tend to forget this and think it’s perfectly okay to start using insults, ignoring the main objectives to go off and do their own thing, or just acting really selfishly, trying to get all the glory for themselves.

Shouting out insults and being a selfish player and a sore loser gets you nothing but hate and maybe even banned from a server. Supporting your team, helping those who need it and even something as simple as saying “good game” at the end of the match can get you new friends and a good reputation. It’s pretty obvious which one is more desirable!

It’s a team effort, and you’re playing with real people who want to relax and have a good time, just like you!

Don’t Use Cheats and Hacks

The first and most obvious reason not to do this is that it’s against the rules of pretty much every online game and can get you banned when you’re found out. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

Secondly, this takes the fun out of it for everyone else! And really, you don’t even gain that much from it except for some extra points and a lot of hate from frustrated players. It’s not worth it. The game is always more fun when you’re using your own skills!

Help Out the Newbies

Do you remember when you started playing the game? You were probably pretty bad at it, getting killed a lot and not really understanding the controls or how things worked. You also probably wanted other people to help you out.

So instead of insulting or taking advantage of someone who’s obviously struggling, take a little bit of time to give them some advice you wish you had when you were starting out. You could tell them what they’re doing wrong or suggest how they can improve – in a nice way, of course!

Remember to Have Fun!

It is only a game, of course. Taking things too seriously and getting mad over every little kill takes all the fun out of playing a game and annoys your teammates who are just playing to relax and have a good time. Honestly, if you’re spending all your time yelling and rage quitting, you’re just making yourself look pretty bad and no one’s going to want to play with you. So just have fun!

What Do I Do if I’m the One Being Trolled?

Don’t know what a troll is? A troll is someone on the internet who wants nothing more than to tease you or make your life a bit harder. Basically it’s the internet term for a bully in gaming or forum social circles. It’s easy enough to deal with trolls if you know how.

Ignore Them

If there’s one thing trolls love, it’s getting attention. If they’re harassing you, don’t let it get to you and definitely don’t give them the satisfaction of getting a reaction out of you. Make sure your friends ignore them too. Trolls are never worth your time or your effort.

Block Them

Sometimes trolls just can’t be ignored, especially if you’re playing a game where the troll can constantly target you in a way that can kill your character.

When this happens, it’s best to just block them. Thankfully, pretty much all online games will have this feature. With the click of a button your life can be made a lot easier. For example, in World of Warcraft it’s as simple as going into the text box and typing /ignore [player name].

Report Them

Unfortunately, trolls can sometimes be persistent. If you block them, they might just come back with a new account or a new character to hassle you all over again. When this happens you can simply report their account, which usually results in a ban that they can’t get around. That user is permanently blocked from making a new account, and your life will be a lot easier.

For example, games like Call of Duty or Battlefield run through a program called Steam, as you’re probably aware. To report a player using Steam, click on “View” on the top toolbar, select “Players”, and search for their profile name under the list of recent players.

Once you’ve found them, you can go to their profile, and in the top right hand corner you have the option to report them. This will work for any game you run through Steam.

Find a New Server

The thing about online games is that there are a lot of different servers to play on. If you don’t like one server, or if a troll is particularly persistent, you can simply message your friends and direct them to a new server. In some games, you can also password protect the server so that only you and your friends can access it.

Finding a new server may be a little bit difficult at first, but look around. Do your friends play on any other servers? A quick Google search for servers might reveal a community or guild with similar interests to you, who play on a separate server.

Find a New Game

This might seem a bit extreme, but you have to remember there are a lot of different games out there. If you’re not enjoying a game because of a troll, maybe it’s time to move as far away as possible and try a new game. It might take a while to get used to the new game, but you could meet a lot of new friends and find that you even enjoy this game a lot more than the old one. Of course, this is a last resort and hopefully it won’t have to come to this!

Games are Supposed to Be Fun

The next time you’re playing an online game, keep all these things in mind. Remember to be considerate of everyone you’re playing with, and if someone decides to troll you and ruin your day, you always have a lot of options at your disposal to get rid of them and keep on playing.

Whatever your game of choice is, just remember: the most important thing is not to take it too seriously and just have fun! That’s why games were created, after all!

Eric Ngoei