Table Tops: Where do we start?

Tabletop game is a general term used to refer to board games, card games, dice games, miniatures War-games, tile-based games and other games that are normally played on a table or other flat surface.

Tabletop has always been the corner stone of games since the early years of gaming. But what makes it fun now is the incorporation of newer games such as Cards against humanity, Monopoly Go and my personal favourite: Werewolf! Though there are many more we have yet to talk about!

Games such as table tops can be very intimidating because not everyone can start playing tabletop games on the go. Here’s a list of beginner game that Colin from Geek and Sundry compiled!, so you and your friends can start gaming this mid-break! have fun!

1. Zombie Dice

Roll dice to see how many brains you can eat before taking three shotgun blasts to the face. First to 15 brains wins. This one’s so easy to explain that I just did in two sentences.
Play time: 10 minutes. Non-gamer pitch: “It’s like Yahtzee with zombies. Who doesn’t like zombies?”

2. Grave Robbers from Outer Space
Grave Robbers from Outer Space
Compact and ridiculous, this quick-playing card game seats you in the director’s chair of your own B-list sci-fi flick. Players take turns casting characters, setting scenes and sabotaging each other in the hopes of creating the best bad movie science fiction has ever seen.
Play time: 30 minutes. Non-gamer pitch: “Hey, did you like Sharknado?”

3. Tsuro of the Seas
Tsuro of the Seas
Lay tiles to navigate across choppy seas, all the while avoiding falling off the board’s edge, the rest of the players, and hungry #&%@$ dragons. The constant threat of your imminent demise is what makes this game so fun. Bonus: play without the dragons and you’ve got the zen garden-esque original Tsuro.
Play time: 30 minutes. Non-gamer pitch: “It has more dragons than Game of Thrones, which I’m pretty sure is over. Put down that remote!”

4. Dixit

This visually-stunning social game is a great way to get people of all ages into the wonderful habit of telling half-truths. Basically you win by describing each picture you play juuuust poorly enough.
Play time: 30 minutes. Non-gamer pitch: “It’s about bunnies and lies. Bunnies and lies, Diane!”

5. 221B Baker Street

Pre-dating Cumberbund Babberpatch by a couple decades, this traditional look at Sherlock Holmes merges an board reminiscent of Clue with massive replay value. Each play through, players are tasked with solving one of 20 cases taken directly from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original short stories.
Play time: 60 minutes. Non-gamer pitch: “It’s like actually being Sherlock Holmes, without the opium addiction.”

6. Ladies and Gentlemen

Aimed at the social set, this card-based game splits players into pairs (one “lady” and “gentleman” in each pair). They are then tasked with out-doing the other teams by becoming the most affluent, arrogant couple at a dinner party. Role playing is highly encouraged.
Play time: 30 minutes. Non-gamer pitch: “It’s just like reality TV, but less scripted!”

7. King of Tokyo

Take the reigns of a massive monster and wreak havoc in this hybrid dice and card game. While it may be marginally less intuitive than some of our earlier entries, this game is a knock-down, drag-out brawl of a good time. You only win by either all opposition or the city of Tokyo itself under your massive heel.
Play time: 30 minutes. Non-gamer pitch: “It’s Rampage, only with more players. I defy you to find fault in that concept.”

8. Forbidden Island

In this cooperative game, you’re tasked with finding four treasures and escaping before the game board self-destructs and kills you all.  You’ll seriously need to work together though, because this is one game with a serious death wish.
Play time: 30 minutes. Non-gamer pitch: “Think of us as Indiana Jones, and this $#!+ here (gesture at game) as a massive boulder.”

9. Mice and Mystics
Mice and Mystics
Another of the more complex entries on this list, this cooperative game gains its spot because for two specific reasons: it changes every time you play (evening the learning curve), and it opens the door to more complex dungeon-crawling games—you know: the paper-based kind people tend to think are “too out there.” Only attempt the non-gamer conversion here if your victims are ready for a longer haul.
Play time: 60-90 minutes. Non-gamer pitch: “Hey, listen. Before I let you join my guild, let’s see how you handle a quick quest. You liked Redwall, right?”

10. Betrayal at House on the Hill

Similar to #9, this game is cooperative—to a point. You’re a member of a rag-tag group of morons who elect to explore a clearly haunted house. Players build the board as they go, eventually triggering a haunting that turns one of their number into the game’s villain. After that, exploration flies out the window as players battle for survival.
Play time: 60 minutes. Non-gamer pitch: “I have no idea what this game is going to throw at us, and I’ve played it a bunch. You in?”about your favorite gateway games too!

Eric Ngoei

UNSW HKSA: League of Legends Tournament

My good friend Eddie Fong from “Bye Net Addiction” with his community started a new event called “HKSA: League of Legends Tournament”.

It’s an event that you and your friends can join in and go against other team to compete who has the best teamwork and skill in the game!

If you think you and your team are qualified give it a go! Or if you just want to watch the game unfold it’s also alright! (I’ll be on the sidelines too!)

** Application Form: **
** Player’s Regulation: **

** We recommend individual player using our Team Finder to find your team:

Date: LATE September 2015 (Preliminary / Group Stage) to 25th October 2015 (Finals)

Fees: Each contestant $10 (Early Bird before 18th September 2015)
$15 (after 18th September 2015)
*Deadline : 23th September 2015 (Wed)*

Finals Venue: TBC

Payment method:
Cash at HKSA Stall (Recommended)/ Bank Transfer
Organizer will call team captain to arrange payment

****PRIZE POOL****
1st Place – Cash $200 + RP + Prizes
2nd Place – Cash $100 + RP + Prizes
3rd & 4th Place – Cash $50 + RP + Prizes

Please be assured that we will increase the prize pool if more teams are joining!!

More is coming so check out our page for the updates!!!

Any other enquiries, please contact organizers:
• Eddie Fong (0433155202 / IGN: Solblue)
• Jeremy Sin (0450878929 / IGN: hellopanda92)
• Stephanie Leung (0413770348 / IGN: Hi Im sinsinb)
• Gregory Chan (0450067627)


Eric Ngoei

What about the Indie community?

Indie gaming community.

What are those?

Indie games are a smaller community that supports independent game developers in the making. Most of the people involve are also without financial help from people. Most indie game development rely on the community and also third party gaming software such as (Steam, Humble Bundle etc etc) Games such as Minecraft started from a small team of people but because of it’s rising success, Minecraft was purchased by Microsoft for $2.5 Billion people. (

This gives in to the new waves of Indie developers to create new games, such as “Binding of Isaac” or games such as “Amnesia” a pathway to not only rival big budget games but also games that the community would want to play.

In conclusion, Indie games has a small but strong support. Either because they love the quirky and simple games or just because they believe in the project, and i feel that being the gaming community helps us to not only help rising local artist but also knowing that you are supporting a independent company, maybe it’s time for us to support some independent games?


Eric Ngoei

Why do we game with a community?

This is a pretty broad question.
Why do we game? and what good comes about with playing with friends?
Over here in ‘Let’s Talk About Games’ it’s hard to find information regarding gaming community and why it can be more fun but all those information are meant to be from experiences and from players itself rather than studies.

Games has always started out as a 2 player game, from the famous ‘pong’ to Destiny’s fire team, Game developers has always encourage people to find time and play with friends.

Though at some point in time, we all went through the stage where we just play alone in our room and just play alone. Not that i am saying it’s wrong, but to me games are boring alone.

Remember when we were kids, when one of our friends would get the latest game and we all would rush to their house and join along the fun even though we all don’t get the controller?

‘Let’s Talk About Games’ aims to bring back that fun memories of playing with friends.

For the next few weeks, i’m going to write about the games that not only you and friends can play but also think about joining the world community at the same time!

Here are some of the games i’ll talk about give it a watch! 😉

so what are you waiting for? pick up a controller and game on!

Eric Ngoei