Horror Games This Halloween

Do you feel like getting scared this halloween with your friends ? We at “Let’s Talk About Games” loves horror games (and scaring our friends). We compiled a nice recommendation list for you to try out this halloween!


Ok, So maybe Bloodborne isn’t the really scare-the-pants out of you type. But it is still creepy in every way.
what makes this worthy of the list? The enemy that you encounter are just down right terrifying. Seriously. oh and also the dying a lot part, that’s frustrating but thats what makes the game more fun doesn’t it?


Feel like getting the tingling feeling that something is watching you? or just want to watch your friends freak out at nothing? SOMA is the latest game from the creators of Amnesia! This dark dystopian future game puts the players in the controls of a character that has to escape from what seems to be an underground laboratory while discovering what it means to be human and what it means to be a robot.

Check out the trailer below here!


Like Teen-Horror flick? Like Slasher Films? Like mysterious stories? Like to have control over the story? Then UNTIL DAWN is the perfect game for you and your friends to play this halloween! Not only do you have a chance to write the story for the characters in the game but you get to decide their fate too!

Check out the trailer!


Maybe you are up for a zombie killing fest? and what better way to spend that time with your friends killing zombies while Parkouring. Guys, Parkouring. I don’t know how that is not a movie yet. But while it is still fresh.. grab Dying Light and have fun Killing zombies with your friends!

Check out the trailer below!


No weapons and just a camera with night vision. That is not too scary is it? Outlast is one of the deserving one in the list due to the nature of the game. This makes SOMA quite tamed compare to this game. I would recommend this game for you and your friends to wet your pants at night!

Check out the trailer below!


Want to feel like you are alone in space? Seriously. Best game i have played so far.. Horror wise. it’s slow and it’s meant to be slowly progressing to the point where when you let your guard down you are killed. Seriously this game makes me so paranoid, every where i look i jumped. even if it’s not meant to be scary.

Check it out!

We hope you enjoy the list! and we hope you take time to play this! We encourage you to play this with your friends tho! grab a popcorn, tuck in your safety blanket and game on!

So.. what game are you guys going to play this halloween?
write to us in the comment section below! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Horror Games This Halloween

  1. Wow, thanks for your info. I have played some of the games above back and forth and I think the scariest game is Outlast. I can’t even play this game alone at home unless I am with someone playing this with me. The first person angle view and the sound effects of the monsters’ voice make this game be one of the scariest game in the industry.



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