What is Destiny: The Video Game?

So right now, Players are scowling around for the Sleeper Simulant, while there are some that are pushing hard for the King’s Fall Raid and at some point in this Blog you’ll see me post a lot about this game and probably some of the really Overpowering gun.

So… You’ll Probably wondering. What is Destiny? and Why is the community loving it? and.. the most probably question is should you?

What is Destiny?

Destiny is a first-person shooter (FPS) from Bungie, the development studio that created the Halo series. It came out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Sept. 9, 2014. It’s got the same kind of high speed, in-your-face action that Halo offers, but it mixes in a significant focus on role-playing game-inspired elements.

The story picks up in Earth’s far future, at a time when the remainder of humanity lives in relative safety behind the barriers of a gigantic, walled-in city. The story in last year’s game wasn’t the greatest, but it boils down to this: There are bad causing trouble in our solar system, and only your Guardian can stop them.

Why is Destiny so popular?

Well.. it’s hard to say. Bungie’s sizable fanbase from the Halo days certainly plays a role, but they’re very different game since this is more bigger in general. Destiny‘s popularity probably hinges on its extremely satisfying FPS gameplay — it’s just fun to shoot aliens in the face — and how that mixes with the long-term investment of an MMO, or massive multiplayer online game.

And then there’s the sweet, sweet loot. Destiny keeps players hooked on its ever-growing arsenal of guns and gear, all of which is color-coded by rarity and drops randomly from various activities. Loot is Destiny‘s ultimate reward, and the rarest, most powerful items come with game-changing bonuses like regenerating ammo and special fire (or other elemental) effects.

How.. wait.. is Destiny an MMO then?

Well, yes sort of. Some of the most popular content is designed to be played with a team of 2-3 or up to 6. While you have to farm for materials and exotic loots. Plus it’s one way to play around with your friends or the online community.

Will i like Destiny if i never played an MMO before? 

It’s never a bad time to jump into online gaming, and Destiny is a great way to do it. There’s a very large and active community that’s formed around the game, and it’s a pretty friendly bunch. Just spend some time poking around on the popular Destiny subreddit and various community wikis or fansites to get a sense of things.

Also, it’s worth noting: you’re not required to put on a headset and play with people actively. Avoiding that aspect of the game leaves certain activities out of reach, but there are vast portions of Destiny that you can enjoy without ever assembling a fireteam.

But i see people complain about Destiny all the time! What is that all about?

As Facebook might say: “It’s complicated.” For all the things that Destiny does really well, there are plenty of other things at which it fails. The original game’s story was almost completely incomprehensible, especially since it was saddled with uneven writing and voice acting.

The overall progression from one thing to the next also felt like too much of a grind for a lot of players. It was easy to spend hours on tedious activities in your efforts to reach the next threshold of content in the game. The Dark Below and House of Wolves both injected new content, but neither the add-ons nor the free updates that preceded them successfully fixed that core problem.

A lot of the complaints you hear are Destiny fans expressing discontent with the fact that there’s not enough to do in the game.

So, What’s the final verdict?

Destiny, itself is not a perfect game. But overlooking the imperfectness and looking at how they are building a great social community game says a lot how the industry realised that community is a very important aspect in gaming (and mentioned A LOT in the game). Plus, seriously who doesn’t like shooting aliens in the face? or facing your friends in a game of PVP? So grab a new controller and try out the game! Who knows we might just end up in the same fire team!

So what do you guys think? Would love to give the game a try? 🙂
Or if you have any other games you would love to see me cover or talked about?

Just post it down in the comment section below and i’ll definitely give a response! 🙂

Eric Ngoei

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