Xbox One Vs PS4 : The Console War


As we prepare to head into the holiday season, we ask ourselves: can Microsoft’s Xbox One possibly catch up to Sony’s uber-succesful PS4? At the beginning of this console generation, the two machines were unquestionably head-t0-head rivals: both companies drenched the media in advertisements, the blogs went wild, and one launched the week after the other in dueling blue and green. Things changed pretty quickly after that. The PS4 took off with unprecedented sales, leaving the Xbox One behind as Microsoft did several much-needed about faces and reconfigured the console to be something that would have a chance against Sony’s machine.

Flash forward to now, and Sony is sitting on an install base somewhere north of 25.3 million, and it outsold the Xbox One 2-1  last quarter. Going into the holiday season, Xbox One would appear to have all the advantages: it’s cheaper, it has more exclusives, and it’s already showing up with some aggressive bundles. But Sony has one single factor that may more important: momentum.

Question is.. the gaming community are very split apart about which one is winning the console race?

and Write down your opinion on which Console you guys use and which one holds a  better service that caters to your needs. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Xbox One Vs PS4 : The Console War

  1. I am a ps4 gamer and I still prefer ps4. 1. Their controller has a better feeling no matter on the handling or the design of the look. 2. Like what clothedbetterob said, BETTER GRAPHIC QUALITY! Isn’t this the whole point? 3. I personally prefer official games from SONY(Maybe just bcoz I don’t like HALO;p).
    But I think it doesn’t really matter who win the game. The thing is we need this positive competition in the console market. Cuz if there is only one company who dominate the whole market, the quality of the product would never improve like what we have now. The comparison from the consumer is a major process for creating a better gaming environment.

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